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Lord of the ocean slot machine

We want to welcome every casino enthusiast on our website! Partnering with one of the biggest games in the slot machine universe, you can finally play Lord of the Ocean in your web browser. The game that has been around for sometime is now being offered to you. The reason Lord of Ocean is so popular is the payout ratio that is quite high. You are playing on five different wheels with ten different paylines. The different symbols that you can see on the slot machine have all a meaning of their own.

Lord of Ocean - The Novoline classic

Lord of the ocean logoA slot machine with highest quality
We will quickly explain the Lord of the Ocean slot meaning so you know that you have to look for next time you play with our free slot machine. Each image represents a different pay out ratio, so its best to know what image to look for in your next spin.

This is how you play Lord of the Ocean

The JackThe Jack
The jack or "J" stands for the symbols "10" and "Q" in the game. The rating of each symbol is the same. You can only win the bet once they appear three times. The highest payout will only happen if five of these symbols are in a row, which will give you the 20-fold bet profit credited.

The Ace and KinThe Ace and King
The "ace" and the "king" are one level higher than the other three previous symbols. The only difference, however, is in the rows of four and five symbols. With three identical characters, they only return the initial bet. With four of the same, however, the payout is already 8 times higher than.

Chest and StoneChest and Stone
In our Lord of ocean free play, the chest and the stone figure can be described at the same time as they have the same rating. They are also pretty common. If one had to find a word that describes its frequency, then one would probably say "medium". They appear less frequently than any "10" or "A", but they are more often seen as the "ruler of the seas".

Nevertheless, the chest and the stone figure are known for relatively high profits. Two symbols are already enough to get your initial bet back. With three symbols, a six fold profit is certain. But more interestingly, it will be four symbols in a row, which will give you a 20-fold return. And with the full screen you can look forward to the odds of 150, which will make you almost a rich man.

Let's talk about the pretty little mermaid icon. She is very rarely seen on the wheels and therefore gives a handsome payout. If you look at her face three times in a row, then the eightfold profit is certain. With four symbols you can enjoy about 80-fold payout. The second highest win at Lord of the Ocean is for sure, if you get a full screen of mermaids, because then you get the magical 400-fold payout!

Lord of ocean poseidonLord of the Ocean
Now we will get to the symbol that gives the game its name. The Lord of the Ocean has the highest score in the game and unfortunately is rarely seen. But with a full screen of this symbol, the factor 1000 is to be expected for your profit. But that's not enough, because only four symbols of this kind and one has the 200-fold use safely. He did not get his name without reason.

All the previously mentioned symbols would not be anything if it was not for the Scatter symbol on Lord of the Ocean. This plays a key role in the game, because it provides for the all-important free spins. Three of the symbols on the board and you win 10 free spins. It does not matter where the symbols appear on the wheels, because they can be "scattered".

Lord of the oceanAs soon as you have 10 free spins, one of the symbols is automatically named as a "feature symbol", which then no longer has to appear consecutively and spreads out on all vertical wheels in the event of a win. This will make it much easier to make a profit and at the same time the profit will be multiplied 5-fold! During the free spins, you can win even more free spins, as the scatter symbols continue to be displayed.